Girls Group for ages 8-13 years. 5pm-6pm Thursdays starting Jan. 10, 2019

The event will be at the ANNEX which is 204 South Main Street in Wayland Mi. This is across from Henika Library. You may need to park in the Library parking lot as there is limited parking in front of the building. 

New Price $10 per session, cash preferred otherwise only checks. No credit cards. A receipt will be provided. 

The Girl’s group will consist of at least one occupational therapist and up to 7 girls. There will be an ice breaker with music/movement and meeting others in a fun way. Parachute fun, crafts, snack and exploring the many options of sensory activities available within the Annex. Girls will be encouraged to participate at their comfort level. 

They will be offered a place to go to relax if needed and highly encouraged to not leave the building during the hour session. 
Keeping their own personal space is important as well as respecting others by speaking in a pleasant tone with nice words that help others feel good. 

A few forms will need to be completed by caregivers of girls who are new to this clinic/group. 

Note: Attendees that become aggressive/violent and destroy property or hurt others will have caregiver called and may be asked to seek individual occupational therapy and discontinue this group setting until attendee is able to self-regulate safely. 

Caregivers may leave the building as long as they can provide a working cell phone number and they have that phone on and with them in case the caregiver is needed during the session. 

Caregivers that show up late repeatedly (More than 10 min. past the ending time) will be asked to pay an additional fee. 
Individual occupational therapy sessions are also available at the clinic with a Prescription from a physician. We can check your insurance to help determine if therapy is covered and what co-pays are required. 

Please call the clinic 269-792-2353 or email the clinic ( to indicate participation in the group. Also, let us know if you need to cancel attendance at any time so we are not waiting for non-participants.