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Backpack Safety

Now that school is in session, the American Occupational Therapy Association recommends taking notice of what items are being carried to and from school and how. The following guidelines can help: Make sure that the backpack that is the correct… Continue Reading →


Our new Foam machine offered a novel Sensory Experience for the girl’s social group on a hot Monday. Boys group is going to really enjoy this on Thursday. Some kids took a while to touch the foam soap but after… Continue Reading →

Parent testimony

Parent testimony of 4 year-old after 7 sessions of occupational therapy: We have a chalkboard in my son’s bedroom and we have chalk markers, so it requires fine motor skills. Before my son would grab it with his entire fist,… Continue Reading →

We’re back!

We are back open but rearranging schedules to minimize risk. Keeping kids apart and limiting groups of non family members. It is taking time. Thank you all for your patience.

A view of our clinic

Occupational therapy is fun, proprioception, coordination, vestibular, strengthening, socialization and more FUN!

Check out this 15 minute video. Share it with friends and grandparents to help all to understand Sensory Processing. Let’s all remember to build on the gifts and interests we and others have in each moment. https://youtu.be/D1G5ssZlVUw

Stay safe, Wildcats!

Check us out in this awesome video compilation of Wayland area businesses promoting safe Wildcat Pride. https://vimeo.com/477364080

Cassidy’s back on Saturdays

Our amazing occupational therapist Cassidy Burkholder, OTRL is back and working on Saturdays. Here she facilitates food exploration. He made a person and even tasted a red pepper for the first time. “Hey dad I like it!” #occupationaltherapy #feedingtherapy #sensoryintegration

Core strength

Jeanne, one of our outstanding occupational therapists, has an awesome grip on demonstrating core strength. Show us your photos of core strength activities. #occupationaltherapy

Neurodevelopmental Trauma

As a Sister clinic to Sensory Systems Clinic, we support children and adults dealing with trauma through co-regulation strategies. Co-regulation is a large part of what we work on with our families, especially if trauma is involved. Our past shapes… Continue Reading →

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