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Let’s get active!

Who is the spookiest: adults vs kids? Go to our Facebook post and comment on your results. Click the link for more info on this Fitness Spooktacle fitness challenge.

Neurodevelopmental Trauma

As a Sister clinic to Sensory Systems Clinic, we support children and adults dealing with trauma through co-regulation strategies. Co-regulation is a large part of what we work on with our families, especially if trauma is involved. Our past shapes… Continue Reading →

Extreme masking! :-D

Fun activities at home

Try these fun activities while you are staying at home. I’m not sure what type of pen used in the sink. Any suggestions? Sent from our past outstanding OT Gin Greenlee.

Snow Sensory Fun

We are still accepting new clients but you might have to wait in line. LOL #occupationaltherapy #snowsensoryfun


We at the clinic all plan to support our Occupational Therapist Molly and her new baby Nora. Click to read more.

Let them Play!

Play to Learn, Learn to Play. https://www.kidspot.com.au/school/preschool/school-readiness/how-academic-preschools-are-ruining-your-childs-development/news-story/4f2f69871517cd1e1bf2fa014ef644d4?fbclid=IwAR2X3rvEHYtZhZeoOLNPD3RNgbbF5eEksHFqTNXvL-fPT1u68leWNttjVqs

Good advice…

At Wayland Expo – Oct 5


Get Dr. Nicole Beurkens’ TECH Guide for Parents! In this Practical Step-By-Step Guide You Will Learn How to know if your child is being negatively impacted by screen time Specific tools and techniques to make sure your children are safe… Continue Reading →

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