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Happy New Year

Our version of Fireworks. Happy New Year everyone!

Staff Photo

Welcome Abbie and Sandy to our team. They are awesome!

Thinking outside…

Our Occupational Therapists create interventions and support client goals by thinking outside the box, and even outside the clinic.

Boys group

Five boys, different goals, some listening to Safe and Sound Protocol from iLs. Small clinic, big results through positive connection with therapist and peers. Learning through FUN. Posted with written permission from all involved.

Problem solving

Click to view video on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1044081116282673 She problem solved to create this swing herself. Linear swinging (vestibular = movement in different planes) and pulling (proprioception = input to the muscles and joints) is organizing and calming. The activity is… Continue Reading →

Sloth hold

Occupational therapist Dani and Junior therapist Kenzie demonstrate the sloth hold. Kenzie stayed in place longer!

April is…

April is Autism Awareness and Acceptance month AND Occupational Therapy month. What a great combination!

Celebrating 10 Years

On November 14, 2011, Peggy McCourry and Tamara Hodge opened a small occupational therapy clinic on West Maple Street in Wayland. 10 years later this clinic has 2 larger locations, 5 therapists, 2 support staff and provides OT to over… Continue Reading →

Does your child walk on their toes?

Check with your doctor to rule out any medical causes, then try squeaky shoes and these activities.

Safe and Sound Protocol

What is it? The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a five hour, research-based, auditory intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience. Based on Dr. Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, the SSP exerts a calming… Continue Reading →

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